Linda Kochmar’s Weekly Grassroots Newsletter

Awesome number of Volunteers for the Milton Parade

Saturday morning we lined up for the annual Milton Days Parade. People came, and came, and kept coming…we must have had 30 Kochmar fans walking with us, and three vehicles too. Wonderful response from the families that lined the street. Representative Linda Kochmar is certainly appreciated and loved in the caring, and fiercely proud & independent town of Milton Washington. Thanks to everyone who came!

Check out the parade video above or on Facebook on the Linda Kochmar Page. Have you “Liked” us yet? Thanks! Will you tell 5 friends to like us too? You rock!

Do you want to help Linda in her Re-Election campaign?


Our Volunteer Coordinator, Beth Weinberger, is ready to help you help Linda. Your time means the world to us. We’ll match you up with others who like to the same thing you like. Do you like to walk in neighborhoods and doorbell? Do you love to sign wave and visit with other Kochmar fans? How about phoning and getting the word out on campaign events and the November Election? Will you write a Letter-to-the-Editor? Every single hour is precious and appreciated. You can reach Beth at

More and more Endorsements for Linda

Take a look at the impressive, and growing, list of people who have Endorsed our Representative Linda Kochmar. See the list on

“Keep your Ears to the Ground” For Us!


My opponent, Michael Pellicciotti is conducting polls, and connecting with as many people as he can. If you hear something, see an anti-Kochmar article or video, or get a call from his people, please let us know as soon as possible. You can contact my Campaign Manager Maureen, at 253-653-4223 or

We want to be able to respond with the truth in a timely and effective manner, and your vigilant watch can help that effort tremendously. Thank You!!

Coming Attraction! You ‘ve waited for this…

The blues-banishing, spirit-lifting, joy-producing Redondo Boardwalk is going to Open in early September 2016. The Boardwalk was destroyed by a storm, and is now built even stronger, and nearing completion in a few weeks. Thank you Representative Kochmar for your work in obtaining funding for this Project. The Boardwalk is a much loved Community treasure!

We appreciate you! 

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