Creating Jobs

Too many of our friends and neighbors are either unemployed or underemployed. They are struggling with keeping food on the table and paying for housing. I support legislation to empower families. Government works best by limiting regulations and helping entrepreneurs and small businesses that create jobs so families can thrive. We need to renew, revitalize, and rejuvenate our businesses for a strong economy.



School-standardized-test-stock-photoImproving Education

More than 48% of the state operating budget is now dedicated to K-12 Education. We are working toward smaller K-3class sizes, full day Kindergarten, increasing teacher pay, and providing more money for materials, supplies, and operating costs. I believe that the best outcome for students is guided by local control, flexibility, and accountability in our school district.




trafficReducing Congestion

Our community is a major beneficiary of the State’s Transportation Revenue Package. Approximately $5B will be directed toward the south sound region, with improvements in Hwy 18/167/I-5, and completion of 509 and 167. This package includes transportation reforms for accountability. Improving our highways will help provide for a strong economy to encourage employers to hire, invest, and grow which will mean better-paying jobs and a more vibrant community.


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Controlling Spending & Limiting Taxes

As your State Representative, I am working to control state spending and help business create jobs. I think that government should have economically responsible spending plans for the operating, capital, and transportation budgets. I am a fiscal conservative who believes in limited government and low taxes. In addition, I also believe in principle-centered leadership and that a true leader is a servant of the people.



family visiting grandmother in hospiceEmpowering Families

I advocate for legislation that gives families access to appropriate medical information and support, especially in cases involving disability and end-of-life care. I believe that families deserve to be provided with useful medical and social services, to be protected from isolation or abuse, and to be helped by, rather than hindered by, current policies.



Reducing Public Health HazardsIan McDaniels, class of 2015, left, has his blood sugar checked. Public Health Group medical clinic in Winooski, Vermont.

I believe that the government and businesses should prioritize the health of the public, rather than jeopardizing it with dangerous emissions and pollution. I support legislation that protects clean and safe living conditions and restricts the use of toxic substances that can impact vulnerable communities.